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Find Your Ring Size

  • If you already have a ring with a perfect fit, Use our ring diameter calculator to find the accurate diameter of your ring.
  • If you don’t have a ring, check out our blog “How to measure ring size at home.”
  • After measuring your ring length and diameter by using the ring diameter calculator or by thread or paper, go to our ring size calculator or ring size chart.
  • Fill in your measurement into the given calculator option (you have to fill any one option diameter or circumference).
  • Or check our ring size chart We have made a special chart for you with different all measurements.

Ring Size Calculator For Mobile

A ring size calculator is a online helpful tool to find out the perfect ring size from the existing ring you have. It helps to find the size of a ring you already have, which fits you perfectly. This ring size calculator provides ring sizes for the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union.

Our Tool’s

Ring Diameter

The Ring Diameter Calculator is an incredibly useful tool designed to take the guesswork out of determining your ring size. This calculator calculates the diameter of the ring you already own and gives you a perfect fit with an accurate ring size. The Ring Diameter Calculator ensures that your new ring will fit like it was custom-made for you.

Ring Diameter calculator

Ring Size

This user-friendly tool takes the guesswork out of ring shopping, providing you with accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time. No more worries about loose rings slipping off or tight ones causing discomfort. With our Ring Size Calculator, you’ll get the perfect size, ensuring your ring is as comfortable as it is stunning.

Ring Size Calculator

Ring Size

A ring size chart is an essential tool that helps you find the perfect fit for your ring. Different regions around the world use various ring sizing standards, which can make the process a bit confusing. With our ring size chart, you can easily compare your ring size with international sizing standards and you will get the perfect fit.

Ring Size Chart

How To Measure Ring Size At Home

To ensure that your rings fit comfortably, you can easily and conveniently measure your ring size at home. Simply gather a few materials: a piece of string or a strip of paper, a pen, and a ruler.

Step-by-Step Process

Materials You’ll Need

Materials You'll Need for ring size
  • A piece of string or a thin strip of paper.
  • A pen for marking.
  • A ruler with millimeter measurements.

Wrap the String or Paper

Wrap the String or Paper

Take the piece of string or thin strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your finger. It should not be too tight or too loose, and it should fit comfortably around your finger.

Mark the Measurement

Mark the Measurement

Use the pen to mark where the string or paper meets the end that you wrapped around your finger.

Measure the String/Paper

Measure the String/Paper

Use the ruler to measure the string or paper from the end to the marked spot. Measure up to the nearest millimeter.

Tips to measure your ring size

Avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold as they tend to shrink in size.

Bear in mind that each hand may differ in ring size, so always measure the specific finger on which you plan to wear the ring.

For those with prominent knuckles, opting for a slightly larger ring size may ensure a comfortable fit.

To get the most accurate measurement, consider sizing your fingers towards the end of the day.

Measuring your finger on an extremely hot day might not yield accurate results.

When your ring includes a gemstone, precision in sizing is paramount to prevent the ring from spinning due to imbalance.

International Ring Size Chart

Inside Circumference:
Inside Circumference:
US, Canada, MexicoUK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South AfricaFrance Germany, Russia, Ukraine, AsiaIndia, China, Japan, South America, Turkey, IsraelItaly, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland
1.7744.83.25F 1/244.62514.254.625
1.8246.13.75G 1/245.87514.7565.875
1.8747.44.25H 1/247.12515.257.125
1.9449.35J 1/24915.7599
1.9950.65.5K 1/250.2516.251010.25
2.0451.96L 1/251.516.51211.5
2.0953.16.5M 1/252.75171312.75
2.1454.47N 1/25417.251414
2.1955.77.5O 1/255.2517.751515.25
2.24578P 1/256.5181616.5
2.2958.38.5Q 1/257.7518.51717.75
2.3459.59R 1/259191819
2.3960.89.5S 1/260.2519.51920.25
2.4462.110T 1/261.5202021.25
2.4963.410.5U 1/262.7520.52222.75
2.5464.611V 1/26420.752324
2.5965.911.5W 1/265.25212425.25
2.6567.212X 1/266.521.252526.5
2.7269.112.75Z 1/268.37528.375
International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Advice for Purchasing a ring as a gift

Purchasing a ring as a present can be challenging when you’re unsure of the recipient’s ring size. There are several discreet ways to discover their correct ring size.

Advice for Purchasing a ring as a gift no.1

You can inquire about the ring size from your significant other or from the recipient’s friends or family.

Advice for Purchasing a ring as a gift no.2

Another method would be to subtly borrow one of their rings (make sure it’s from the correct finger) and measure it as previously explained.

Advice for Purchasing a ring as a gift no.3

Alternatively, consider opting for a ring that offers adjustable sizing.