Ring Size Calculator For Mobile

A ring size calculator is a online helpful tool to find out the perfect ring size from the existing ring you have. It helps to find the size of a ring you already have, which fits you perfectly. This ring size calculator provides ring sizes for the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union.

How To Use Mobile Ring Size Calculator

The simple and easy way to measure ring size is as follow

  • First select your country.
  • Place your ring on the given circle outline that appear in ring size calculator box.
  • Use scrolling bar to adjust size of circle and match the circle with your ring.
  • Ring size calculator will give you perfect and accurate ring size.
ring size calculator for mobile


Step 1: Select Your Country

Step 2: Match Your Ring Size

Your ring size according to United States standard is: N/A

Why Ring Should Fit Comfortably In Finger?

The ring should fit comfortably on your finger so that it feels good to wear and doesn’t fall off easily. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A comfortable fit ensures that you can wear the ring without any discomfort and that it stays securely on your finger.

How To Find Someones Ring Size Secretly?

If you’re not sure about someone’s ring size, here are a few options you can try

  • 1. Check their other jewelry: If they have a ring that fits them well, you can measure it with a string or take it to a jewelry store for help comparing sizes.
  • 2. Ask their friends and family: People close to them might already know their ring size, so it’s worth asking. If someone has a similar hand size, you can have them try on rings to find a similar size.
  • 3. Choose a larger size: If you’re unsure, it’s safer to go for a larger size that can be resized later. It’s harder to make a small ring bigger, so bigger is usually better. The average ring size for women is 5 to 7, and for men, it’s 10 to 11. Just check with your jeweler to make sure the ring is resizable.